Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WTF??? 90

The $17,500 video game
by Mike Smith
Think $60 video games are too expensive? You won't hear any argument from us, but you might from JJ Hendricks, a collector who just paid a clinically insane $17,500 for an obscure NES game from 1990.
The game in question is an ultra-rare, gold-colored version of Nintendo World Championships, a cartridge specially produced for use in a Nintendo-sponsored gaming contest. According to Wikipedia only 26 were created, and Hendricks calls it the "Holy Grail" of video game collectors.
The game itself has a time limit of just 6 minutes and 21 seconds and consists of three short segments from other NES games: Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and Rad Racer. Players are scored according to their performance in each game, and their scores are totaled once the time limit expires. Doesn't sound too riveting to us, but then somehow we doubt Hendricks is in it for the gameplay.
And while $17,500 might seem a bit much for a collection of ones and zeroes, Hendricks actually got a bargain: the game was originally listed on eBay for a cool $25,000.


WTF??? 89

Hey, bet you didn't know that an elephant can eat more than a human...

Elephants easily outeat humans in contest
By Yanina Manolova, AP
NEW YORK (AP) — In the fight of pachyderms vs. people — the pachyderms now have the upper trunk.
Three circus elephants scored a decisive victory over three human competitive eaters at a cross-species eating contest Friday, chomping down on 505 hot dog buns in six minutes. The humans forced down only 143 buns in the bout at Brooklyn's Coney Island.
The elephants, Bunny, Susie and Minnie — all in their 40s — ate at what appeared to be a leisurely pace from behind a table piled high with buns. They even paused to eat some fresh fruit, which was not counted toward scoring.
Their human competitors were far more focused. Eric "Badlands" Booker, a New York City subway conductor who is the world champion in corned beef hash eating, took a double-fisted approach, dipping two buns at once into liquid to make them go down easier.
Juliet Lee, a petite 43-year-old who started the contest with her midriff exposed, pushed several buns into her stretched mouth simultaneously. Originally from China, Lee is the world cranberry sauce champion, a title she won by eating 13.23 pounds of the sauce in eight minutes.
Tim "Gravy" Brown, whose claim to fame is having eaten 8.47 pounds of blueberry pie in an eight-minute, handsfree competition, rounded out the team.
"We went all out, hungry and focused," said Booker, who like the others was preparing for Saturday's annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest. Friday's match was sponsored by Major League Eating and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.
Contest organizers called the results a "setback for humanity," but the two sides may not have been fairly matched. The humans weigh about 500 pounds collectively, while the Asian elephants weigh about 9 tons, the organizers said.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Goodbye, Fuzzybutt...

Yes, I know I have been absent for quite awhile-- didn't really have anything to say and there haven't been many odd/cool holidays of late...

But I guess I have something to say today.
My parents left on a three day motorcyle ride this morning so I get to feed the dogs (a LOT of dogs). No biggie, it's only once or twice a year-- but today wasn't the best day to start... I also had to bury one.
I named her Fuzzybutt (my parents insisted on calling her Fuzzy but I knew her true name). She was an old (no clue how old as she was full grown when we got her and that was about 10 years ago) Benji looking mutt that someone had dropped off and she was not at all friendly-- she wouldn't let anyone near her. One day I was out doing something and I saw her... she was covered with ticks and something had to be done. I managed to catch her (after quite a chase) and held her, talking gently and pulling each nasty little bug off her. After that, she became one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known. Not particularly bright but able to sense your moods and act accordingly. That made her perfect for the story I am about to tell.
When I was 11 I was attending dance school and someone came up with the crappy idea for each of us girls to put on a play starring the rest of the class. So instead of doing one decent play we had to do seven different ones with no money, no time, no nothing... we didn't even get to pick our own production-- I got saddled with 'Annie'. Adult "casting" consisted of whatever parent or family member or friend they could convince to stand in, so I ended up (briefly) with a short, fat Daddy Warbucks who had a full head of hair... I say briefly because that didn't sit right with me so I "fired" the director, ending up pretty much directing, casting, producing/financing, writing (I didn't stick with the regular storyline too closely), set designing and choreographing the dadburn thing myself (if you ever think of doing that, don't). Everything fell (reasonably) into place but one thing-- they wouldn't let me have a Sandy. Apparently they don't like untrained dogs possibly roaming around a stage and doing whatever. I was expected to carry around a stuffed dog, which again, didn't sit right with me. I decided the only solution was to stage a mostly outdoor production (unfortunately after spending money and time on sets and such) and videotape it for the class (no, I don't have a copy, Calvin).
And then I needed a Sandy so I picked Fuzzybutt. She wasn't trained to do anything and she tended to be hyperactive but she also seemed to always know what was going on around her. I reworked the play so that I pretty much only needed the dog for three scenes: the beginning where "Annie" was wandering the streets, when she first enters Daddy Warbuck's home, and during the chase scene at the end (I don't recall who exactly was chasing "Annie" or why).
The opening more or less consisted of "Annie" walking up to people and offering her services as a housecleaner or cook or whatever, each person paying her little or no mind until one well to do looking lady sees her and agrees to take her in... and then as if on cue, "Sandy" ran up. The lady looked disgustedly at "him" and said the dog was not welcome and "Annie" politely told her, "Well, if it's all the same to you, ma'am, I'll have to keep looking," and walked away. Cut to "Annie" climbing inside a cardboard box crying and in comes "Sandy" just nuzzling her sweetly. "Annie" stopped crying and said, "I know you're hungry, boy, I'm hungry too... we'll have better luck tomorrow," (I know you see where this is going) and then she slowly rises and breaks into song (oh, the shame-- that is why I don't have a copy of it anymore... don't need the reminder of seeing me in some stupid curly wig belting out THAT song) and dances around the "alley".
Ok, I have totally lost where I was going with this and I have no intention of going through the entire play. I quit that class not long after (mainly because I didn't want to have to do anything like that again). My point is/was, Fuzzybutt did what she was supposed to do right when she was supposed to without being trained to do so. She just knew... and that is how I will always remember her-- comforting "Annie"... comforting me.

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