Friday, May 15, 2009

WTF??? 86

Xbox-inspired shoes do nothing, cost $2,500
Some console fans will spare no expense to show their loyalty to their chosen brand, but we're guessing the $2,500 price tag of these one-of-a-kind Xbox-themed sneakers will make even the most committed Microsoft devotee think twice.
The custom shoes -- which aren't endorsed by Microsoft or Nike -- are handmade by Sole Junkie, a California-based artist who specializes in customized sneakers. And they're not the most expensive ones he's ever made. "I have made shoes with 22k gold and diamonds on them," he told us in an interview. "I look at my creations as functional art...not just ordinary sneakers."
That would be functional in shoe terms, not in a gaming sense. Although you might hope that the $2,500 price tag would buy you cool Xbox interactivity, there's no hidden hard drive or controller functionality. Instead, the Xbox logos light up, courtesy of embedded fiber optics and a hidden switch.
According to Sole Junkie's eBay auction, "These are an exclusive pair...only one of its kind. Patent leather back with embedded fiber optic wiring in the shape of the XBOX logo. Battery placement is in the tongue as well as on and off switch that has 2 settings: Strobe or Constant light functions. Gradient lime swoosh faded to black. The toe is painted in a surreal Tiger Camouflage with accents of lime and bright green. These are a men's size 11."
Will they sell? He seems confident. "I have had offers already. They mention the beauty and artwork in it, not the price tag. Don't know how serious the buyers are so far."
But surprisingly, many Xbox fans aren't overjoyed at his work. "The video game community hates the price and the fact I may have taken a beloved iconic gaming system and butchered it," he told us. "On the other hand, I've had very positive responses from others...more than negative ones."
So, $2,500 shoes that do nothing? We'll pass. But if your collection of gaming memorabilia isn't complete without this unique footwear, don't let us stop you from jumping in.

I understand that Michelle Obama is interested...
The shoes sold for $4,000.99 on eBay...


Booksteve said...

Ummm...If I find out these were bought by some corporate exec using bailout money, I am NOT gonna be happy.

Artman2112 said...

$4,000 for those shoes . . . more power to the guy who made them that there are people rich enough and/or stupid enough to pay that much for them.

Stephen said...

ART is in the eye of the beholder...thank goodness that some artists don't have to be dead before they can actually see any money from their work.