Saturday, March 14, 2009

WTF??? 71
The reason I made this post a "WTF???" isn't because the comic sold for that price or anything like that-- it's because they picked that picture... wtf? Couldn't have a pic of the comic or of Superman, no they use a pic of some racecar driver from 3 years ago wearing a suit based on that borefest film, 'Superman Returns'... I don't get it...
Formula One driver David Coulthard is seen wearing a Superman costume during a practice session in Monaco, in 2006.

First Superman comic book raises 317,200 dollars
NEW YORK (AFP) – A rare copy of the first Superman comic book sold for 317,200 dollars at an auction -- a super hero sized increase on the original 10 cents paid back in 1938.
Bids in the online auction, which started two weeks ago on, immediately topped 200,000 dollars and a last-minute surge crossed the 300,000-dollar mark.
There were 89 bids and Comic Connect extended the deadline by several minutes to catch the late interest.
The book is a rare and unrestored copy of the first issue of Action Comics, with a cover showing Superman in his familiar red cape, hurling a green car past terrified onlookers.
Neither the seller nor the buyer were identified.

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Artman2112 said...

i have to agree that is a seriously dumb pic! i never even bothered with that Supe film. as soon as i saw how the guy looked i wrote it off as one more DC-based super hero film gone down the toilet. i have yet to hear anyone say anything that made me think i was mistaken in that assumption. in all honesty i hope they never make a Flash film because they'll just botch that up too. the Flash TV show was pretty damn good though, i loved it!