Monday, February 16, 2009

WTF??? 67

Finally a "sport" more pathetic than the air guitar world championship ( I have a DVD documentary about that... Yes, I am that cool). Championship Rock/Paper/Scissors!

Mexico's 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' winner off to World Cup
PUEBLA, Mexico (AFP) – A national winner was crowned Saturday in the dramatic Mexican playoff final of the popular "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game, paving the way for a trip to Canada and the world championship title.Eduardo Villar Raposso won first place in the country's First National Tournament for the classic game, often used as a tie-breaking tool.The cup was officially sanctioned by the World RPS Society -- slogan: "Serving the Needs of Decision Makers since 1918."Old-aged competitors engaged in several tight battles, but ultimately strength, strategy and discipline were crucial elements for the victor."The real magic of the game is that unlike other world sports, no matter your age, no matter whether you are male or female, if you're old or young, or even if you only have one hand, everyone can compete as an equal," said match referee Brad Fox.Players had to comply with strict rules to compete -- making the play only when the referee blows the whistle and ensuring the hand signal is as representative and as uniform as possible.Villar Raposso's victory takes him to the World Championships later this year in Toronto, Canada, where he will come up against skilled world competitors battling it out on a global stage.The championship is known for its elaborate staging and cash prizes -- last year's winner received 10,000 dollars.The RPS Society's official guide describes the hand gestures under the Internationally Recognized Throwing System (IRTS).While the game is often dismissed as amounting to simple chance, the charge is dispelled by RPS fans with one of their mantras: "To the beginner the choices are few; to the expert the choices are many."For the uninitiated, the game comprises of "throwing" down a hand representation of a rock, a piece of paper or a pair of scissors.Scissors cut paper, paper wins over rock, and rock breaks scissors.


Booksteve said...

My son showed me a website with umptigazillion variations on rock, paper, scissors and then expected me to play them...all...from memory. I ran screaming from the room. I mean, melts scissors? Dinosaur eats paper?

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool said...

Dinosaur DOES eat paper...DUH. I always just go rock for everything. Once they figure that out it stops being fun and I can walk away.