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Rex Libris

In my search for a pic to use in my last post, I came across this as well-- seems potentially interesting...
And according to there is a movie slated for next year-- but you have to have a paid membership to actually see anything about it though... WTF???

Rex Libris is a guardian of knowledge, defender of the Dewey Decimal System and the best hope for the future of civilization. His story is finally told in Rex Libris, the new comic book series by James Turner

WTF??? 19

Woman cuffed, booked for not paying library fines

GRAFTON, Wis. - A Wisconsin woman has been arrested and booked for failing to pay her library fines. Twenty-year-old Heidi Dalibor told the News Graphic in Cedarburg that she ignored the library's calls and letters as well as a notice to appear in court.
Still, she was surprised when officers with a warrant knocked on her door, cuffed her and took her to the police station to be fingerprinted and photographed.
Police Capt. Joe Gabrish says officers follow the same procedure with every warrant.
Library director John Hanson says a couple of dozen people are cited each year for failure to return materials or pay fines.
The incident cost Dalibor about $30 for the two overdue paperbacks. It cost her mother $172 to free her.

Book her, Danno.
It was serendipity finding such a perfect image to accompany this-- a carefree lady atop a pile of books with the police closing in on her...

Fla. deputies Taser Plop-Plop the unruly emu

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Bay County Sheriff's deputies were forced to use a Taser to subdue an escaped emu named Plop-Plop. The large female bird escaped from a farm last weekend and on Monday, she holed up with some horses and goats in a pen. When deputies arrived, the emu "went kind of crazy," said Sheriff's deputy Randolph Grob.
The deputies didn't want the bird to hurt itself or them, so the used the Taser stun gun to immobilize Plop-Plop.
The emu was brought to the Bay County Animal Control Center, where she has made a full recovery. The bird's owner is expected to take her home soon.
Information from: The News Herald,

Wouldn'd you be unruly if you were saddled with the name Plop-Plop???

Man uses Barbie fishing rod to make record catch

ELKIN, N.C. - David Hayes' granddaughter just ask him to hold her Barbie rod and reel while she went to the bathroom. He did. And seconds later he landed the state record channel catfish at 21 pounds, 1 ounce. Alyssa's father had bought the pink Barbie fishing rod for Christmas and she had caught a few bluegill before her grandfather hauled in the catfish.
The Winston-Salem Journal reported the catch Aug. 5 in eastern Wilkes County has been certified as a record by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.
Hayes and his granddaughter have been fishing in the pond behind his house since she was big enough to hold a pole.
Hayes said his granddaughter worried he would break her rod. He landed the 21-pound fish on a 6-pound test line. It was 32 inches long, 2 inches longer than the rod.
Information from: Winston-Salem Journal,

Look at his face!!! That is not the look of a man proud of beating the record-- that is the look of a man realizing all his macho buds now know he caught the fish with a GIRL's rod... my dad gets that same look whenever he rides my mom's motorcycle with his friends. Yes, I have biker parents, so what?
As always, click image to enlarge


I don't know if any of you have heard or not, but the Olympics are going on-- I turned on the TV and saw one event I thought was rather cool...

WTF??? 18

I hope this is a joke (not the picture, the link)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Woman marks birthday by aiding son in heists

MILWAUKEE - Police in Wisconsin say a woman celebrated her birthday by helping her teenage son rob two gas stations. Officers in the Milwaukee suburb of Greenfield say the 37-year-old woman acted as the getaway driver while her 17-year-old son robbed the stations at gunpoint. Authorities say the pair were in custody Wednesday awaiting charges. Their names were not released.
Police say the teen was visiting from Chicago for his mother's birthday.
And they say the woman's 13-month-old daughter and two boys ages 10 and 14 rode along during the robberies in Greenfield and Milwaukee. Greenfield police Deputy Inspector Bradley Wentlandt says the younger children have been turned over to child welfare.

Information from: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

Always brings a tear to my eye when I hear about families doing things together... sniff

Baby pronounced dead lives after hours in cooler

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A stillborn Israeli baby who was pronounced dead by doctors "came back to life" on Monday after spending hours in a hospital refrigerator. The baby, weighing only 600 grams at birth, spent at least five hours inside one of the hospital's refrigerated storage units, before her parents, who had taken her to be buried, began noticing some movement.
"We unwrapped her and felt she was moving. We didn't believe it at first. Then she began holding my mother's hand, and then we saw her open her mouth," said 26-year-old Faiza Magdoub, the baby's mother.
The baby was pronounced dead several hours earlier, after doctors at Western Galilee hospital in northern Israel were forced to abort her mother's pregnancy because of internal bleeding. Magdoub was 23 weeks into her pregnancy.
"We don't know how to explain this, so when we don't know how to explain things in the medical world we call it a miracle, and this is probably what happened," hospital deputy director Moshe Daniel said.
The baby was then taken to the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit for further treatment, but doctors were not sure how long she will live.
Motti Ravid, a professor of internal medicine, told Israel's Channel 10 that the low temperature inside the cooler had slowed down the baby's metabolism and likely helped her survive.
(Writing by Avida Landau, Editing by Mike Collett-White)

OMG! Thing is, we will probably never hear of an update to this-- that seems to be common with interesting stories...

Brewster Rockit 2

The finale of the storyline...

Brewster Rockit

I love comic strips... between the newspaper and online I read about a 100 a day. 'Brewster Rockit' is one that I have never really gotten into, but it's a decent strip. I did find these interesting though...

movie characters...

I recently bought a used copy of 'National Lampoon's Bagboy' on DVD-- I keep holding out hope that the National Lampoon name will be attached to a good movie again, so I pick up most of their films (didn't know until this film that a company just leases the name to anybody-- but this movie was actually made by NL).
It's not a bad movie at all really, but as with most NL movies it would have been better with an R-rating, but that is neither here nor there.
The film is about a young man who dreams of winning the national grocery bagging championship (which actually exists believe it or not-- that is right up there with competitive air guitar in my book) and his struggle to the top...
What prompted me to write about the film was a particular character, a millionaire who likes to challenge baggers in his own home and gamble on it. He says in the film that he likes man on man competition and that his former passion was bowling until an unfortunate incident with an Amish bowler. Rob Moran (who is one of the producers of 'Bagboy') reprises his role from 'Kingpin' (although I don't think the name is the same), making this film an unofficial sequel to the Farrelly brothers comedy or at least sets it in the same universe, and makes it one of the few times an actor has played the same role in more than one unrelated film... at least in modern movies.
Michael Keaton did it in 'Jackie Brown' and 'Out of Sight', both based on Elmore Leonard novels-- when Quentin Tarantino aquired the rights to 'Jackie Brown' he also gained the rights to all of Leonard's books, and when producers who wanted to make 'Out of Sight' went to Tarantino for the rights, he insisted that since Keaton's character appeared in both novels, they had to let him play the part. They begrudgingly agreed, but he is uncredited in the second film...
Kevin Smith's characters Jay and Silent Bob (played by Jason Mewes and Smith) appeared in 'Scream 3' apparently-- I wouldn't know, having only watched the first 'Scream', which simultaneously breathed life into and killed off the horror movie genre, but that is a whole 'nother story...
It's debatable that Dennis Rodman played the same character in the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, 'Double Team' and in his own film, 'Simon Sez'. Even though the characters had different names and occupations (one was an arms dealer that helped the government, one was a government agent), the similarities are striking, especially the fact that each had a team of monks helping him...
Sean Connery played James Bond in six canon films and in 'Never Say Never Again' which is not part of the series and is supposedly a remake of 'Thunderball'. Not sure if that counts or not... Also not sure if parodies count, but John Hurt reprised his role from 'Alien' in 'Spaceballs', more or less. And Robert Patrick played his 'Terminator 2' character in 'Wayne's World'.
Rob Schneider plays the same character in 'Waterboy' and 'Little Nicky' (I think... it was another Adam Sandler movie anyway). And Blake Clark played Farmer Fran in 'Waterboy' and the same character in 'Joe Dirt'. Also Carl Weathers returned to his role from 'Happy Gilmore' in 'Little Nicky'.
Dan Aykroyd plays a Ghostbuster in 'Casper'.
Another that doesn't quite count (because one was a serial and the other a TV series) but I'm going to add Noel Neill playing the second Lois Lane on the 'Adventures of Superman' television show after having played her years earlier in the 'Superman' serial(s). And while I'm throwing out TV series, Richard Belzer played the same character in 'Homicide' and 'Law and Order', which has to be a rarity, an actor playing the same part in two different TV shows that didn't involve a true spin-off-- apparently he also played the same character on 'The X-Files', 'The Beat', 'Arrested Development' and...................... 'Sesame Street'.
Buddy Ebsen played Barnaby Jones in the 'Beverly Hillbillies' movie.
An odd one is Lisa Kudrow's character(s) on 'Mad About You' and 'Friends'. She played a waitress named Ursula on 'Mad...' and Phoebe on 'Friends', but originally the two characters had nothing to do with each other-- eventually the TV execs thought about it though, and since both shows were set in New York, they declared Ursula and Phoebe to be twins and started crossing the shows over.
I know there are other examples I can't think of right now, Sherlock Holmes possibly-- anyone have any others? Sequels and spin-offs don't count. Also cross-over shows shouldn't really be part of this list.
Update: Just found one that sort of counts, I guess. Daniel Roebuck played Morris Green in 'The Devil's Rejects' and provided the voice for the same character in the animated film 'The Haunted World of Elsuperbeasto' according to his official website... I don't recall his character in the Rob Zombie film and have never even heard of the animated movie.
Another TV show one-- Sherman Hemsley played George Jefferson on the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' a couple of times. And Michael Richards played Kramer on an episode of 'Mad About You', but he was playing a version of Kramer that possibly was supposed to be the basis for the character on 'Seinfeld', because Paul Reiser asks him whatever happened to Jerry who lived down the hall and Kramer said he was making a sit-com (but in the 'Seinfeld' series, there was a storyline where Jerry was making a sit-com, so it could be in reference to that, but I don't think so).
George Wendt and John Ratzenberger played their 'Cheers' characters, Norm and Cliff, on 'St. Elsewhere' and 'Wings', not counting their spin-off appearances in 'Frasier' and 'The Tortellis'.
Can't recall (and don't feel like looking up) the other show that took place in the same town as 'Green Acres', but I remember Sam Drucker (I think that was the character's name) being in more than one show. Minor update: I remember now (I think)-- 'Petticoat Junction'. And for that matter, 'The Beverly Hillbillies' crossed over...

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Seeking ugly women for Outback's lonely hearts

SYDNEY, Australia - Life can get a little lonely for bachelors in the Australian Outback mining town of Mount Isa. So the mayor has offered up a solution: recruit ugly women. Mayor John Molony found himself under attack Monday over comments he made to a local newspaper that read: "May I suggest if there are five blokes to every girl, we should find out where there are beauty-disadvantaged women and ask them to proceed to Mount Isa."
The mayor added that many women who already live in the remote Queensland state town seem quite happy.
"Quite often you will see walking down the street a lass who is not so attractive with a wide smile on her face," he continued. "Whether it is recollection of something previous or anticipation for the next evening, there is a degree of happiness."
The quotes, published Saturday in the Townsville Bulletin, sparked outrage among the town's female population, led to furious online debates and drew criticism from the local chamber of commerce.
"There's a lot of anger circulating among the community at the moment — a lot of passionate anger," Mount Isa Chamber of Commerce manager Patricia O'Callaghan said Monday. "There's a lot of women voicing their opinions."
Molony declined to elaborate on his comments Monday except to say they were "twisted and warped" by the newspaper.
"I've been shredded," he added, before hanging up the phone.
The situation may not be quite as dire as Molony noted. According to the 2006 census, males made up 52.6 percent of the town's population of nearly 20,000.
And several local women said there aren't a lot of gems to be found among Mount Isa's men, either.
"We've got a saying up here that the odds are good, but the goods are odd," 27-year-old Anna Warrick told The Brisbane Times.

By KRISTEN GELINEAU, Associated Press Writer

Disabled turtle finds romance after getting wheels

JERUSALEM - Arava the disabled turtle is using her new set of wheels to get around in more ways than one. Officials at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo say the 10-year-old spurred tortoise has begun mating since being fitted with a custom skateboard to overcome paralysis of her hind legs. The 55-pound turtle is unable to move herself forward with her front legs alone. So the zoo's staff built her a metal board with two wheels that can be strapped to her stomach.
Arava arrived in Jerusalem a few months ago from a petting zoo in southern Israel with the unexplained handicap, and found no reptile romance. Zoo curator Shmulik Yedvad says it's not that Arava has come out of her shell with her unique new wheelchair, but that a particularly amorous 10-year-old male has been after her.
On the Net:*

Confused sea turtles march into restaurant

ROME (Reuters) - About 60 newly hatched sea turtles lost their way during their ritual passage to the sea and marched into an Italian restaurant instead, a conservation worker said on Monday. The baby turtles -- which ended up under the tables of startled diners at the beachside restaurant -- were probably thrown off track and lured by the eatery's bright lights, said Antonio Colucci, who was called to help rescue the group.
"They saw the artificial lights and took the wrong route," said Colucci, who works on a turtle monitoring project for the conservation group WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).
"The diners were at first quite curious and then someone alerted the coastal authorities."
The stranded turtles, which had hatched on a beach in the southern Italian region of Calabria, were released into the sea.
Female sea turtles nest on beaches and their offspring instinctively head to the sea after hatching from their eggs.
(Reporting by Deepa Babington; editing by Robin Pomeroy)

I wonder how many people ordered the turtle soup...


I'm waiting on my first big ad check...

blog humor...

WTF??? classic - Lysol douche???

I know Lysol has many uses and is an excellent disinfectant, but aren't you supposed to be careful about getting it on your hands much less........................?

Duracell vs Energizer

I discovered recently from a Scottish lass I chat with that there is a Duracell bunny that actually predates the Energizer bunny, but is not used to promote Duracell batteries in North America due to copyright issues... We were talking about my insomnia and she remarked that I was like the Duracell bunny-- I "corrected" her, then looked it up and found out I was the incorrect one...
We have the cooler bunny though-- ours wears sunglasses so he has to be cool

Transformer Nike shoes

I can't imagine they are all that comfortable, but they are pretty cool looking...
(be sure to click to enlarge)

Subliminal message?

WTF??? 17

I can't express in words how................... not cool this is...
(does look good though, for what it is)

What Schizophrenia Does

A 20th-century artist, Louis Wain, who was fascinated by cats, painted these pictures over a period of time in which he developed schizophrenia. The pictures mark progressive stages in the illness and exemplify what it does to the victim's perception.

WTF??? 16

When you flip his switch (and yes, the switch is exactly where you think it is), and turn him on, his whole head lights up as if in embarrassment. Mr. P comes equipped with a lampshade you can use to put over his head or tilt slightly so he can peek out. The switch is made of rubber.
must... resist... urge... to... remark... about... turning... him... on...

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WTF??? 15

Chocolate Flavored Cheese

Chocolate cheese was developed in New Zealand for about $50,000. The product is not available in New Zealand, but in just six months it has grabbed 10 per cent of the Taiwanese cheese market, bringing in more than $1 million in revenue. Roger Boyd, managing director of Fonterra Brands Taiwan, said adding chocolate to cheese was winning converts to dairy products in a market that traditionally had not eaten them. While not designed for New Zealanders, the success of chocolate cheese means it is being assessed for local release - though Mr Boyd is making no promises. He said it had "a mild chocolate flavour, matched to a light Cadbury flavour - we backed off a little from Nutella". Chocolate cheese was likely to be introduced in Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. Mr Boyd said Fonterra was looking at a range of other flavours, and had two in the pipeline already. But he would not say what they were.
The plastic-wrapped brown-coloured slices were winning converts to dairy products in a market where cheese is traditionally shunned, Boyd said.

Rice Krispies

Found a couple of nifty cereal items, the first being a box of British 'Rice Krispies' from the 80's or 90's... apparently they were super-heroes in England for a time.
The other being Pow, the other brother of Snap, Krackle and Pop-- some sources say he was just a concept and never actually appeared, other sources say he did appear before or around the early 50's...