Friday, December 5, 2008

WTF??? 51

Two New Bibles Preach A Hip, Eco-Friendly Gospel
Two new Bibles targeting a young, hip — even secular — audience are hitting bookstores. One is a slick, illustrated version of the New Testament; the other is an environmentally friendly edition that takes advantage of the popularity of the green movement.

Um, I don't think fancy packaging is going to convert any non-believers-- but then again, most beliefs are based on packaging... we did just elect Obama afterall.
The above image doesn't necessarily reflect my views or the views of Blogspot and it's members nor is it intended in any way to sway anyone's opinion or belittle the beliefs you may or may not have-- I just thought it was funny... click to enlarge.


joe bloke said...

just followed your link, and, though I gotta say I'm not a big fan of God, meself, the illustrated bible, particularly the old testament, looks quite cool ( ish ). the whole thing DOES spank a wee bit of desperation, though, I think.

Lisa_mynx said...

seems pointless to me...