Monday, October 6, 2008

Is it politically correct to be PC?

The PC Nazis are at it again-- this time in my local newspaper...
Today's issue of the Kingsport Times News had a piece saying,
"We intend that our daily comics page should offer quality family entertainment, and while some strips on occasion push the envelope, we won't tolerate one which grossly offends, as was the case with the Sept. 25 'Get Fuzzy' strip when a character made a reference to a vulgarity.
Consequently, we have cancelled 'Get Fuzzy' and starting today, replaced it with 'Tundra', an outdoors and nature-themed comic that has been rapidly growing in popularity. In less than two years of self-syndication, 'Tundra' has been added by more than 200 newspapers, making it one of the fastest-growing strips on the market today.
We find in the samples we've seen that 'Tundra' is consistently funny, a comic that adults and kids can enjoy. We hope you agree."
I have never been a big fan of 'Get Fuzzy', but I have read it daily since our paper started carrying it (I read every comic Mon-Sun in our paper except 'Prince Valiant', a comic that started in 1937, and is still on the same freakin' boring, incomprehensible story)-- it replaced 'B.C.' after Hart died. I don't hate to see it go, and 'Tundra' does seem to be a much funnier strip, but I don't like the reason it is going... Yeah, it did have a reference intended to make you think of an abbreviation of "fuck you", but come on... "ACLFU" still fits the confines of "American Civil Liberties Feline Union" (even if the "F" was in bold-- that was the mistake, and I admit I was a bit shocked when I saw it), and how many kids would even know what "ACLU" stands for, much less "FU"? For that matter, how many kids even read comics anymore?
Lighten up, people... if your kid understands "FU" then he/she has already been exposed to it and can't be unexposed-- I'm sure they will grow up effing fine.

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