Saturday, September 27, 2008

WTF??? 38

More Aussie news...
Ambo cooked prawn on heart attack victim
An ambulance man placed a prawn (that's shrimp to us Americans) on the chin of a patient awaiting electric shock treatment for a heart attack and joked: 'Let's see if we can cook this prawn,' a medical panel has been told. While paramedics prepared to use a defibrillator, ambulance technician John Jones allegedly took a prawn from a colander in the patient's sink and asked: 'Does anybody want a prawn?' After the electric shock had been given, Mr Jones is reported to have said: '360 joules won’t cook a prawn.' The allegation by paramedic Darren Claydon comes days after he told the same hearing how a fellow paramedic - called Clive Greedy - had munched on celery while taking part in efforts to resuscitate the same dying patient. Mr Jones was later dismissed, the Health Profession's Council panel heard.

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