Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WTF??? 37

Thieves steal hood from ice cream delivery truck
AUGUSTA, Maine - Dave Tracy said he can understand thieves snatching ice cream from one of the Hershey's delivery trucks he manages. But stealing a hood off the truck? The branch manager at Hershey's Augusta warehouse said "nothing like this has ever happened."
Tracy said the fiberglass hood, at 7 1/2 by 6 feet and 4 feet deep, is "not exactly small." He said that even if the thieves had a pickup truck, the hood wouldn't be easy to carry off.
Tracy, who's worked for Hershey's for 23 years, discovered the theft when he got to work Monday morning. Augusta police said the thieves probably needed a hood identical to the one on the ice cream truck.
Hershey's Augusta warehouse has six trucks that deliver through Maine and northern New Hampshire.
Information from: Kennebec Journal,*
Actually the pic I chose for this is a much bigger "WTF?" than the article itself...

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