Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gas prices have officially gotten too high...

Photo: Full-sized Weiner-Mobile, left, followed by compact Weiner-Mobile, right
Weiner-Mobile goes compact
In another nod toward high gas prices, the Oscar Mayer Weiner-Mobile is going compact.
The old seven-seater Weiner-Mobile is giving way to a much smaller mini-Cooper version of the classic hot-dog shaped promotional oddity.
The driver says the new model gets up to 30 miles per gallon - that's compared to between 10 and 15 for the older full-size Weiner-Mobile.
He also claims the downsized version is more fun to drive.
Remember guys, when it comes to your weiner, size does matter...

OH NO!!! The next post will knock 'Eye Candy 1' to the next page... Sigh

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