Saturday, September 27, 2008

Controversy on the Dairy Front...

I came across this piece on the Australian 'Daily Telegraph' website--
Coon cheese is next, says campaigner
By David Barbeler
AN anti-racism campaigner says Coon cheese is next on his hit-list after the Queensland Government ruled a grandstand being rebuilt in the state's south would not be renamed after E.S. "Nigger" Brown.
Toowoomba Sports Ground Trust chairman John McDonald said yesterday that while the grandstand bearing Brown's name was to be demolished in coming days as part of an upgrade, the "N word" would be used on a plaque or statue at the new ground.
But late yesterday, Sports Minister Judy Spence ruled it would be inappropriate to use the racist term in any way.
Toowoomba academic Stephen Hagan, who campaigned against the name for almost a decade and even took his case to the United Nations, said his celebrations would be shortlived.
Mr Hagan said today he would now focus on fighting Dairy Farmers' Coon cheese.
"Initially, Dairy Farmers said it was named after Edward Coon, who revolutionised the speeding process of making cheese," he said.
"But I've questioned the authenticity of that story."
Mr Hagan, said the cheese, formerly manufactured by Kraft, used to have a black wraparound and was named Coon as a joke.
"I want Dairy Farmers to show me the evidence of Edward Coon being honoured an honorary doctorate and what year he received that honorary doctorate," he said.
"If they can prove to me that Edward Coon was a famous cheesemaker, I will drop my campaign. "If they can't do it, I'm going to fight them all the way, just like I did with Nigger Brown."
Now, I would like to go on record as saying I am about as far from racist as you can get, and one of the few things capable of offending me is hate speech, but I really don't think there should be a big outrage over the naming of items that was done at a time where the world in general had a different outlook on such things. For example, the censoring (or outright banning) of certain 'Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies' and 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons or such television shows as 'Amos and Andy'. No real harm was intended at the time, and if one can look past the surface silliness, one can see that. We think of ourselves as so enlightened now, and compared to our ancestors, perhaps we are, but at the same time we can't be held accountable for the errors of misguided individuals who, for lack of a better way of saying it, didn't know any better. I can no more be offended by Coon Cheese as I can be by Scotch Tape (so named because of the stereotype of Scots being cheap, and the tape was of a low quality, inexpensive type). We've already had the sports teams attacked for having such names as the Redskins and the Indians, but who in their right mind actually sees that as an attack or disparagement to them now? Again, silliness-- silliness for the people who named them such, and silliness for anyone who feels slighted because of past stupidity... Aren't there bigger things to worry about?
I don't mean to slam the Left again, but this is just another example of their misplaced idealism and the PC world they expect us to live in...
I don't even know where I am going with this... My outlook on most things in this world is "fuck it", because A) there usually isn't a whole lot you can do about it, and B) worrying about it usually makes things worse. So I say get over it and try to look at the big picture and our history as a whole. Would I buy Coon Cheese if I thought the name was actually a racial slur? No... and neither should anyone who thinks or feels that way-- let your pocketbook do the talking. There are much worse things than poorly worded product names out there...


joe bloke said...

i couldn't agree with you more, mate. i don't know how the situation is over in your neck of the woods, but here in England our society is gradually unravelling through the ineffectiveness of successive " liberal " idealogies. we have a system that is obssessed with " guilt, " a society too scared to criticise or condemn the transgressor, for fear of alienating them, or worse, somehow violating their rights, whilst simultaenously ignoring the feelings and rights of those who have been transgressed against, a place where good old fashioned ideas like common civility and doing the right thing are scorned. i am sick and tired of such cowardly governance.

may i direct you here. . .

but SHHHHHH. don't tell anyone. it's a secret.

Lisa_mynx said...

yep, sounds like America...