Saturday, September 27, 2008

Censorship down under...

Another piece I came across from the 'Daily Telegraph'...
'Dying Breed' movie poster too gruesome for bus shelters
By Vicky Roach
A POSTER for new Australian horror film Dying Breed (has) been rejected as too gruesome to hang on bus shelters.
The thriller was inspired by cannibal convict Alexander Pearce - known as The Pieman because he baked pies for a living in Ireland prior to being deported to a penal colony in Tasmania.
The tongue-in-cheek poster, designed by the LaB Sydney, features a meat pie that has been split open to reveal its stomach-churning contents.
"It's disappointing and frustrating to have the poster censored by Adshel (the company that specialises in bus shelter advertising)," writer-producer Michael Boughen said.
"The poster will be seen in cinema foyers, press ads and online, so it's going to be in the public domain.
"Dying Breed is an Australian film fighting to be noticed in a crowded marketplace and we wanted to stand out from the crowd.''
Dying Breed opens in Australia on November 6. Check out the trailer here.
I've never heard of this movie, but after seeing this poster, I am interested... People need to grow up and get over being offended by everything.
Wasn't it enough when the Australians stopped allowing Santa to say "Ho Ho Ho'' a couple of years ago? Not that I am pro-Santa (that deserves a blog all it's own), but shit... silly people-- maybe it's because they are upside down all the time and the blood runs to their heads...


joe bloke said...

they stopped Santa going " ho? " really? why?

honestly, people need to find something worth-while to get upset about. . .

Lisa_mynx said...

because "ho" is slang for "whore" so of course women are offended by hearing a man say "ho ho ho"... it's ridiculous, but this is the world we live in