Thursday, August 7, 2008

WTF??? 3

My Quest? Build A Better Condom
Thursday, Jul. 31, 2008 By CALLIE LEFEVRE

Jan Vinzenz Krause, inventor, 30
German entrepreneur and sex educator who designed a spray-on condom made of liquid latex
There are lots of reasons scientists are looking for ways to make condoms more appealing--and safer--to use.
TIME's Callie Lefevre asked Jan Vinzenz Krause about his efforts to make a spray-on condom.
How did you get this idea?

I went to get my car washed. In Germany, you drive through a tunnel, and there's water coming from all sides. I was sitting in my car, and I said, "Yes! This is the idea! I will try this with a condom." So I went to a hardware store--I felt a little like MacGyver--and I bought a tube, put some holes in it, attached these nozzles and connected them to a box of liquid latex. The latex sprays out of the nozzles.
What's the advantage?

The condom fits 100% perfectly, so the safety is much higher than a standard condom's, and it feels more natural.
Did product testers worry that spraying on latex protection would ruin the mood? Yes, that was mentioned. The prototype takes a few minutes to dry. For people to buy it, it needs to be ready in five to 10 seconds.
Any other hesitations?

They were a little bit afraid to use the tube.
Are you waiting for someone to come up with a better latex formula?

Right now, I have to focus on things I think will be successful in the immediate future.
So what's your latest project?

A condom brand in six sizes. We developed this brand for the Web. Men on the Web--they are very honest.

No comment... other than, since when are men honest on the web?

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