Monday, August 25, 2008

WTF??? 24

Marijuana found growing in mall


Drug Enforcement Administration agents discovered more than 200 marijuana plants growing inside the Mall of the Americas in West Miami-Dade County.
On Friday evening, DEA agents announced the ''grow house'' in a 400-square-feet storage area on the second floor of the West Miami-Dade County mall. Agents didn't disclose Friday night who was responsible for the three-to-six-feet tall illegal plants.
The plants could fetch at least $3,500 per pound (each plant is considered a pound when harvested) on Miami streets. If the plants were shipped north to New York, they could fetch $7,000 per plant, said DEA special agent Jeannette Moran.
Agents are especially concerned about the grow house because it diverted electricity from other sources in the mall, which could lead to electrical problems, Moran said.

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