Monday, August 25, 2008

OH, NO!!! Not two of them...

Obama look-alike causes stir at Pepsi Center

by Lisa Bornstein

PEPSI CENTER -- Even if you know he's a fake, it's a little shocking to see Gerardo Puisseaux close-up. The Cuban immigrant to Miami is a dead ringer for Barack Obama, from the broad smile to the close-cropped hair.
He was a construction worker in Miami until about six weeks ago, when he hooked up with online Spanish-language news channel America TeVe (* Since then, he's been going where Obama goes and causing a stir in each location.
"We make something like a reality show," he said Monday evening, his thick accent proving he's not a soundalike. "We walk in the street with the people."
He draws attention everywhere he goes.
"Sometimes I get tired because everybody stopping me, a lot of questions, sometimes political questions," he says. "I am not Obama."
About a year ago, Puisseaux realized the resemblance. And while Cuban-Americans aren't the biggest faction of the Democratic party, Puisseaux responds, "A fan? Obama? I love him."

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