Saturday, August 30, 2008

politics, schmolitics...

I don't intend to ever get political on here, but I can't deny that the presidential race just stepped up a notch on the interesting meter with McCain's VP choice. Let's face it, he will be lucky to live through his first term if he gets elected so we may be getting a female pres (thank goodness it won't be Hillary).
Thing is, I still don't care for either choice-- I don't want to vote against someone, I want to vote for someone. I consider myself a libertarian (because freedom is my number one concern) and no one ever seems to get it right... This year will be my first opportunity to vote and so far, I don't think I'll even bother. Can someone give me one good reason why I should feel differently?


Anonymous said...

Please don't bother voting until you realize that Libertarianism is just an excuse to behave irresponsibly and screw your fellow man without fear of repercussions. Just how greedy are you? Oh yeah, they let you smoke dope though MOST libertarians regret incorporating that freedom into the official platform. Go to sleep... don't worry your pretty little head... let the market decide.

Lisa_mynx said...

Big words from someone too chickenshit to use your name-- Piss off...
And the whole idea of Libertarianism is freedom WITH responsibility-- being free to do as you wish as long as A) it doesn't infringe upon the rights of others and B) as long as you take responsibility for your own actions... Liberals take no responsibility for anything, letting the government make all their decisions for them, and Conservatives take no responsibility, leaving everything in the hands of God.
If you are going to play in MY field, at least get your head out of your ass long enough to see the world around you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Glad I came back to set you straight. Judging by your insults I guess something I shared hit a nerve.

"Conservatives take no responsibility, leaving everything in the hands of God."

Wrong - Those people are religious fanatics who believe that they are on the right (i.e. - correct) side of some imaginary God's will and that, therefore, all nonbelievers (i.e. - you) are expendable impediments to the return of some mythical savior. This applies equally to the practitioners of most eastern and western religions as evidenced by the religious fanaticism seen worldwide. It's their choice to be that way; A conscious decision to accept the tenets of a particular faith. The term "conservative " died with Teddy Roosevelt. You remember him? He set aside the Yellowstone Plateau thereby creating the first national park. You should go see it before the Libertarians conclude their privatization efforts and turn it into Disneyland with Trees.

"Liberals take no responsibility for anything, letting the government make all their decisions for them"

Wrong - Libeerals, through the use of government entities, make certain that you have the right to be who you arer REGARDLESS of your race, religion, creed, color, or sexual orientation and back it up with stiff penalties for not considering your effects on those around you. Liberals are the ones who'll fight for your right to be you, but fight even harder if you try to impose your lifestyle or viewpoints on others.

"the whole idea of Libertarianism is freedom WITH responsibility-- being free to do as you wish as long as A) it doesn't infringe upon the rights of others and B) as long as you take responsibility for your own actions"

Nice try. Other than the victimless crimes of prostitution and personal intoxication you already have the freedom to do largely as you wish ("largely" being the operative word). Libertarians, with their overwhelming desire to make government the disseminator of corporate welfare, are nothing more than unabashed free marketers who justify their abhorrent disregard for mankind as an unintended consequence of rampant amoral capitalism with the lame justification of "Because I want to!". Read a little of the ignorant writings of Ayn Rand. Alan Greenspan did and that's why the economy of the US, once the envy of the world, is floundering so badly that you'll probably have to pimp out that fetid little gash of yours to make ends meet.

Libertarianism always appeals to the young who feel their whole life has been controlled by an external entity. For eighteen years you were made to wake up, eat food, go to school, do your chores, and go to bed when someone else decided. Well, you're an adult now. If you really think you're capable of taking complete responsibility for your own life and body you should stop drinking the clean water that "liberals" got together and paid for when your backwater flyover shithole of a town was sucking heavy metal laden mud from the local river which doubled as an industrial sewer, you should stop breathing the clean air that "liberals" got together and prevented from being polluted by some shameless freemarket capitalist's toxin belching factory, and you should stop eating food that "liberals" got together and instituted safety standards on so that you'd mature with some semblance of a healthy nervous system with which you could make your own conclusions regardless of how different they may be from others around you. You should kill a few trillion of your brain cells to which "liberals" provided the rudiments of literacy so that we could have this conversation. You should return all that free time "liberals" ensured you had as a child to some libertarian sweatshop owner so he could make a fricken' dollar off your nimble little fingers in a dank factory for sixteen hours a day. And, finally, you should thank your lucky stars that "liberals" got together and instituted legal safeguards that prevent your differences from the idiots standing next to you from being used as an excuse to burn your ass like a witch.

Remember - No man is an island. Better minds than ours have debated these issues for generations and answers are slow to coalesce.

Does it really matter who I am? I sincerely doubt it and, to be honest, I don't give a damn who you are, either. Unless you are gonna post your address, phone number, SS number, and a copy of your birth certificate there's no proof of who you are anyway. You sound like an angry old man so..what am I to think? I meant no insult in my original reply and, if you're interested, I hope we can continue this conversation in an amicable manner. I'll check back in a week or so.

If not...perhaps you shouldn't believe everything someone tells you. Including me.

Lisa_mynx said...

well, you just forced me to no longer allow anonymous comments-- grow a pair or go away...